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Anonymous asked: Hey what's the youngest age you would date? And what type do you go for?

I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable answering these anonymous questions as I don’t know the sender and have to answer publicly, but I’ll do an exception on this one and try to answer briefly. I wouldn’t date younger than 18 years old. For some reason I get asked about the “my type” question a lot and the answer is always the same. I do not have a specific type. I don’t see crushing on someone that simple. I most certainly wish it would be more about the looks but oh well it’s mostly about something else. I do have a small list of qualities that will make me lose my shit but I’ll spare you all from that now. :)

"I love you from the coma you put me in."

- Kim Addonizio, Forms of Love

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"Besides, nowadays, almost all capable people are terribly afraid of being ridiculous, and are miserable because of it."

- Fyodor Dostoevsky, “The Brothers Karamazov” 

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I need a make out session so intense that I forget all my problems and possibly my name.

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"there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out."

- Charles Bukowski, Bluebird

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